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The private security industry in South Africa, ranked per capita, is the fourth largest in the world, with South Africans spending more than R67billion on protecting their homes and businesses from crime and loss.

When the global Covid-19 virus hit South Africa and lockdown safety measures were implemented, the country also experienced a devastating economic fallout. This was highlighted with the fluctuation in crime statistics in the first quarter of 2020 which saw an 8.2% rise in burglaries at businesses in the Western Cape alone.

With a burgeoning of opportunistic crimes at the onset of the lockdowns, South Africa saw the highest number of burglaries taking place at non-residential premises where not even schools were safe from crime with more than 248 burglaries taking place at schools in the province.

Now, after more than five months of lockdown protocols which have disrupted how we live, work and socialise, it is clear that this new normal is here to stay as long as there is no relief of a vaccine. For the security industry, new health and living standards call for different measures when securing lives, properties, perimeters and community livelihoods.

Speaking from the head offices of Premier Security in the Cape, CEO Richard Frost said, “Public and community safety is under new threats currently as we start to witness anti-social behaviour on the streets. Everyone has been affected by the pandemic in some way and this has increased human levels of frustration, anger and feelings of helplessness and led to increases in stress, anxiety and violence; with the added issues of a rise in mental health concerns.

“Our patrol vehicles and security personnel are reporting more contact crimes, petty theft and public aggression occurring and with people taking to the street to protest their frustrations it leads to further public gatherings and a powder keg of emotions which cause people to act recklessly.”

From homes to hospitals, schools to retail and business premises, there is a growing need to take stock of and plan against criminal intentions, mob tactics, and opportunistic crimes linked to economic devastation while following health protocols which continue to protect lives.

How Premier Security aligns itself with cooperative crime prevention tactics:


With a national footprint in South Africa, Premier Security upholds the values of Business Leadership South Africa (BLSA) #inclusivegrowth campaign and which calls for active partnerships between the South African Police Service (SAPS), business and the public to fight crime effectively,

As communities struggle to pick up their businesses and livelihoods, we understand the great responsibility we uphold in delivering the benefits of armed protection for peace of mind when it comes to protecting lives and properties. We are also responsible for large area protection such as residential estates, office complexes, industrial buildings, warehousing, shopping centres, and healthcare facilities.

We do this by offering our clients the best solution to fit their pockets. Not only do we offer armed security services but armed response, alarm installation, CCTV monitoring, operational area guarding and monitoring.

Manufactured to specification, we produce, supply and service a range of electronic and security IT products which complement the human element of crime prevention. These products include Identiscan, for rapid, accurate and compliant identity, tracking and GPS data processing,  Blulock access control and OnGuard security guard patrol and visitor management systems and Mobi StayAwake guarding management system.

These high tech systems are used by Premier Security and are available for supply to other B2B guarding companies which benefit from and prefer to use our custom-fit security solutions to co-ordinate large and small teams which manage security protocols for their client’s premises.

Backed with a solid reputation and a database of long-term customers, we continue to grow year on year because we make it our responsibility to deliver our clients with the best solution which suits their needs and their pockets along advanced security parameters..

Security services are all about exactly that, the levels of service. Supported by a dedicated and professional management team, we ensure we communicate effectively and respond pre-emptively to crime incidences. We maintain high levels of visibility at all times and deliver quicker response times and co-ordinated efforts which work alongside community neighbourhood watches and local SAPS policing branches.


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