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Ajax is the new ultimate security system to hit the South African Market. Premier Security’s control room is geared to monitor and respond to Ajax alarms.

Why would you consider Ajax over other alarm systems? We, at Premier Security have installed a number of Ajax systems and we have found that they are filled with features that are not normally included with standard alarm systems. Take for example the HUB of the unit, the brains of the system, it makes use of the GSM network to communicate its and the peripherals statuses to the user on his/her app as well as sending the same data to the control room. Normally you would need to add a GSM communicator to a standard alarm. This “addition” would come at separate cost and is usually not fully integrated into the original alarm. The Ajax hub also has an ethernet port and the system will use either path to report.

The Ajax engineers have carefully considered battery life of the peripherals and have managed to extend life to 7 years. This has not been achieved by any other manufacturers. The range of the peripherals from the HUB is significantly more than the competing products. We have achieved more than 500 meters (the manual says up to 2000 m !)

Video streaming is facilitated by the hub. What a pleasure. All in one place. Simply connect existing RTSP supported cameras and the same AJAX app will allow you to view those cameras when the alarm activates. No need to jump back and forth between Video Apps and Alarm Apps.

Remote adjustment of the range and sensitivity of the Motion Sensors is possible by the user. Gone are the days of having to phone for a technician to come out and adjust the beam because of false alarms!


Criminals are discovering new ways to burgle your property. We have seen a rise in the number of incidences where outdoor sensors are being masked, IE, a blanket or obstruction is placed in front of the sensor thus rendering it useless. Ajax sensors employ anti-masking technology which means they will tell you if they cant “see”.


All Ajax sensors will report tampering if their covers are removed. This is a very useful feature as it warns the user that someone is fiddling with the alarm and this could be a prelude to a burglary.

Quick and Easy!

Ajax is intended to be as user-friendly as can be. A novice will be able to self-install and if necessary can “invite” one of our technicians to assist in the programming remotely from within his App. Permission to access the system is temporary and can be revoked once the system is programmed.


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