"Dear Sirs I have been meaning to send this message for the last week now - I just wanted to say an official thank you to the two officers who attended to our garage break in at about 2:10 a.m. on Tuesday, 20th April (last Tuesday) and who successfully caught two of the culprits. At that time of the morning my brain was not functioning sufficiently to ask for their names but I am sure you have it on record. Please convey our thanks and appreciation for their efforts to them. Yours sincerely Deborah & Rudy Horn-Botha"
Deborah & Rudy-Botha
April 2021
"Fast, efficient and dedicated! Their staff and especially armed response are friendly and excellent at their jobs! Can't go wrong with Premier! July 2019"
Nov 2020
"Yes, lovely friendly staff. Nice to see their awesome new cars and goegeous branding. July 2019"
Aug 2020
"They are committed to a smaller area and more personable March 2019"
Nov 2019
"Dear Richard A Wonderful week ahead to you. Please be informed that the technicians that linked our company to Premier were fast & efficient. Their professional attitude was appreciated. The service of our previous provider was not efficient at all. We look forward to being protected and serviced by the Premier group. Have a lovely day further. Warm regards"
Charmaine Adams
Nov 2020
"I've only had the best service from premier, and the response time is extremely fantastic less then minutes they are standing at your door even if it's a false alarm. Can only mention good about premier. June 2019"
Oct 2020
"I am impressed... Last night our dogs started barking in the house, and would NOT go outside. My wife investigated, and saw a shadow in our garden. I was in the bathroom, with my hair full of shampoo. She pressed the panic button, and 2 Premier armed response vehicles arrived in a very short time. The Premier armed resopnse guys were very good, and checked every nook an cranny of the garden and surrounds. Once the all crear was given, they continued to patrol our street regularly, for a few more hrs. Thanks again Premier. March 2018"
Feb 2020
The best security company in Kirstenhof! May 2019.
Nov 2019
"Good Day, I'm not even sure how to write this "thank you" to express our gratitude and impression of Premier Security. I apologise ahead of the time for the lengthy email, but i feel it needs to be said and hopefully reach the eyes of the big folks at Premier. On Wednesday the 6th of Jan 2021, a few minutes after 10am, I walked out the room into the passage to be "greeted" by a face mask (thanks covid) wearing fella; wearing a backpack standing no more than 2 metres in front of me. He proceeded to confront me face to face, standing toe to toe aggressively hurling profanities and reaching for a "knife" in his pants . Out of my complete surprise and confusion I said nothing and walked forward staring right into his face centimetres in front of me, while he started to backtrack, I reached past his right leg and picked up a kitchen stool preparing to go out with a bang. Hoping to do some serious head trauma damage in the process. He stumbled backwards, fell out the open sliding doors, which is how he gained entrance, and jumped the wall when I started to chase. Within what felt like mere seconds after my mother posted a message on the local Whatsapp group to warn members in the street, there were +- four Premier Security vehicles parked, some cars idling rearing to go, security officers co-ordinating directions, passing descriptions around over the radio's and around +-8 or more Premier Security personnel on the scene. We had our own little roadblock in seconds. We are not even a client of Premier Security. Note: ADT did a single car drive by about 50-60mins later. The SAPS never arrived The response to the situation for someone that is not even a paying client says more about your company as a Brand and your staff more than any brochure or marketing material could even begin to convey. I work in digital advertising so i've seen almost all the "claims" brands make. I wish I was able to remember each and every one of the officers name's that came to assist so that I could directly name and thank them personally. If there is any way that my thanks could be past along to these officers I would greatly appreciate it! They were extremely professional, well organised and actually gave a sh*t about my scared and shaking mother standing outside. That type of thing is so rarely seen these days. Genuine care. And again, we were not even a paying client. Still something you are just not used to these days. Andre @Premier then stayed on while the rest of the team dispersed for the "hunt". His calm demeanor and freely giving experienced advice to help calm my mother was amazing. Your response to the situation for someone that was not a customer, the manner in how the various team members spoke, behaved and organised themselves closed the decision right there and then for myself. When Andre mentioned if we were interested in seeing what you could offer down the line, your brand sold itself through your staff and I would gladly pay and know that it is worth every cent based on this experience. With the "potato" world situation and pockets still being tight for everyone, I think that you are worth it. It is now the 8th of Jan 2021 and we are now officially part of the Premier Family A heartfelt thank you! And please never change your high standards and caring about people's safety while you grow"
Brett Pringle
Dec 2020