Social responsibility

As of September 2020

Delta Primer Primary

Premier Security is passionate about getting involved in local communities where they see a need.
When you see such an amazing principal like Mr Hilton Palanyandi doing so much for his pupils but struggling because the school does not have the finances.
Mr Jack Pontac is also sponsored by Premier Security to do outreach work to families who need help.
He has been cooking meals for the families who have lost there jobs in lockdown.  He is an incredible man with a mission.

Community Panic App

Premier is a proud sponsor to BUZZER, A locally written App.

Clients and non clients are welcome to download the APP as a personal Panic Button.

As a community service, Premier pays Buzzer so that YOU can use the app and get immeadiate COMMUNITY response from any other BUZZER user.

Premier will also dispatch help to you, depednig on resourse avaiability.

The app is intended for use in PUBLIC open spaces and is not intended to replace your HOME panic button.

Download the buzzer app here