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In South Africa today, we have a lot of crime, and it’s important to remember how to deal with it on a personal level, like walking down the street, going cycling up a mountain, going running in the park.

So here are some tips to staying safe while doing some activities and just being a safer person overall.

When walking no talking
The heading is not literal, it means this, when you are doing any activity of walking, running, jogging, etc never have your phone out, rather get yourself a pair of earphones or wireless earbuds.

If you do need to check your phone for directions etc then try and keep your phone out of sight, and make sure that you are always aware of the people around you, as you could have someone following you.

Groups are great

If you are doing some sort of running activity, or outdoor jogging, make sure that you do it with others, and if possible, have someone who knows some sort of martial arts, and maybe a can of pepper spray.

Always make sure that you have one person dedicated to staying at the back and the front, as to make sure that you know where everyone is at all times.

Armed response
If at any point you feel unsafe, Premier Security Clients can always call us, we will do our best to get someone to you as fast as possible.

If someone does cause some sort of crime to you or anyone you know, make sure that you take down mental notes about what they look like and the clothes they were wearing, even the number plate and make of the car they were driving, all that information will help apprehend the criminal.

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