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As we continue to role out crime prevention and premier security and protection services during South Africa’s current Covid-19 lockdown under South Africa’s National Disaster Act, our staff remain at the frontline of the global pandemic to keep your homes, businesses and communities safe, secure and compliant to the laws of the country.

With five security officers to every one police officer in South Africa, the private security industry plays an essential service in keeping law and order and businesses operational and assisting humanity in understanding and complying to adaptive measures required during a national crisis such as this.

Our guarding services are backed by high-tech systems and security infrastructure for both domestic, business and health industries, at a time when every human life means so much to each and every one of us, wherever you may find yourself.

Premier Security is proudly compliant with all government directives required for the protection of our employees and with regards training for social distancing, masks, gloves and hand sanitisers and are prepared and capable of enacting these within your areas of security requirements.

We supply the following security measures required for the protection of your home, business and community:

Electronic devices, which add protection to your home, available for ordering now. Visit

Guard and managed patrol security and preventative services for hospital and transport security, business premises, shopping malls, apartments, townhouses and private homes. Visit

Identity and health scanning for personnel and priority access for all planned contingencies and to build processes, secure priority areas and manage networks for domestic systems and humanitarian supplies during emergency. Visit


#1 Assess your current security prevention measures in place.

#2 Ascertain critical access points or weaknesses in your supply system or premise perimeter.

#3 Create a planned contingency for all disruptive security scenarios.

#4 Arm yourself with information regarding the most effective security technologies available today; or ask for advice from one of Premier Security’s knowledgeable managers regarding your unique scenario requiring a security solution.

#5 Be prepared ahead of time by fitting the correct security application for your bespoke situation, be it a technical solution, a response team or a self-managed internal security system.

#6 Once your security system is fitted in place, test and conduct all possible scenario analysis.

Premier Security remains at your service to support you with systems and people that underpin your total safety and which innovate for the future in the sustainable development of all our lives.

Stay home. Stay Safe. Speak to us about boosting your personal and business security measures now.

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