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Latest in their line-up of high-tech security systems, Premier Security have announced the launch their Apex A1 Mobile surveillance security POD, manufactured under their own brand and now available for one time rental or purchase. 

Featuring retractable wheels and a tough compact shell, the Apex A1 is a mobile security monitoring device which extends to a 10-metre-high retractable mast featuring 4 cameras and security lighting at the top of the mast, for real time motion and security monitoring.

“The pod is easily moved on its trailer wheelbase and can be towed onto any site and left there, whether it is required for security monitoring of a construction site, a car sales lot, at an event, or entrance to a farm, or when required for any other mobile location access and security monitoring,” says Premier Security’s Sales Manager, Jamie Bell.

“The beauty of the retractable wheels means the Apex A1 pod transforms into an anti-theft and vandalism device. Once set in place at its required location, the wheels disappear into its pyramid shaped frame, the mast is erected and the four cameras at the top of the mast start recording, relaying all incidences and movement in real time.” 


A Sustainable Early Warning Solution

Together with powerful spotlights for illumination, four long range technology LoRaWAN remote passive infrared motion detectors, which rotate 360 degrees, offer the best battery powered solution for remote areas which may not have access to satellite or Wi-Fi connectivity. Following the development of the wireless sensor network (WSN) unique long-range locations are now afforded a sustainable solution for example, when used in precision agriculture in greenhouses or security measures required for remote farm security access.

Crime detection in remote locations, means cameras need to operate well and for a long time on a single charge, the low power of LoRaWAN is well suited for battery powered security solutions because of its low deployment and management cost. Making use of Low-Power Wide-Area Networks (LPWANs), this wireless technology transmits data over long distances with minimal power consumption.

Day and night surveillance is enabled on detection of motion. As the camera is activated and starts recording, the video image is relayed back to the monitoring station via its web interface or via a Telegram app notification alert sent from the Apex A1 receiver.

“It’s the ultimate early warning system,” says Bell. “It’s useful for perimeter fence and entry points onto a property so you can view what is coming through or over the fence. 

“Its subtle and sturdy, weighing 1. 5 tonnes and is made of steel. It’s the tank of mobile surveillance… and it’s your first alert for at-risk individuals, communities and business asset security to prepare and act appropriately and in sufficient time to reduce harm or loss.”


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