Panic Button

Premier customers may purchase this button at a cost of R 1199.00

It is rechargeable by USB power supply (no supplied)  and it charge life is at least two weeks.

For those of you who get to walk for exercise and would feel safer with a panic button, we have a GPS-enabled button that covers the Village open areas. The button works on the footpaths of Kirstenhof as well as Tokai Forest. We’re rolling out more coverage as the weeks go by.
Summoning assistance from us is that easy.  
There is NO monthly fee for residents who are Premier Clients to make use of this service.
The buttons cost R1199.00 They need to be recharged every few weeks, We will notify you by telegram when your button needs recharging. We will notify your keyholders automatically if you press your button.

We have erected hi-sites in and around your suburb which receive signals from the buttons in the public open spaces frequently used by walkers.

Note it is not suited for Indoor use. It has a GPS receiver built in and the GPS will not work indoors.

Premier customers do not have to pay a monthly fee.

Stock is limited.