Offsite CCTV monitoring and its advantages in 2020

With South Africa’s high crime rate, CCTV surveillance has been slow to implement the latest technology but with millions of security devices now connecting to the internet of things ( IoT), security systems are evolving from single and isolated to open and connected, able to deliver proactive responses, multi-dimensional perception surveillance, thermal imaging and communication via the cloud.

While South Africa may not yet be at global IoT or AI readiness just yet as this Mail & Guardian public surveillance and tracking article discusses; we have seen swift global uptake related to the Covid-19 pandemic with cutting-edge surveillance tracking of infected citizens.

Such rapid changes in world affairs may seem unrelated to South Africa’s current crime challenge, but we should be making concerted efforts to onboard the latest technologies as fast as possible so we can catch up, or at least not lag too far behind.

Offsite CCTV monitoring is designed to be effective

Designed to prevent losses from occurring, offsite CCTV monitoring is pre-emptive, allowing for visibility of preventable situations through rapid response, such as an onsite riots or perimeter points which have become compromised. It reduces internal collusion, identifies criminals and allows for rapid reaction and more precise response behaviours.

Most importantly, offsite CCTV monitoring is a cost-effective method of independent surveillance which doesn’t compromise a company’s security and safety protocols. Instead of a single set of eyes on the ground on the patrol guards shift, companies have the advantage of 24-hour security in real-time, throughout the night with off-site monitoring which features built-in alarm parameters to alert and manage responses.

“Crime patterns in South Africa reveal that there is always going to be staff intimidation and group collusion when it comes to criminal activity,” says Premier Security’s Control Room Manager Toegiedah Ruiters/CEO Richard Frost.

“By implementing Offsite CCTV monitoring we take that out the equation, providing an early warning system sent to an off-site monitoring facility that protects the core system operations of the unit. Since recordings are saved to the cloud, they are secure and accessible and proven to assist companies in court cases in fraudulent activities and insurance claims for incidences which create additional damage or physical loss on site.”

CCTV Solutions for every Site and Situation

For those companies that have several locations or a large precinct such as a student campus or shopping centre, offsite CCTV monitoring plays a pivotal role in proactive and comprehensive security operations. Not only will it increase a client’s efficiency and value in the eyes of their customers, but it also makes staff and visitors feel safer knowing that there is a security system which has got their backs.

For high-level security facilities or systems with restricted access, video surveillance can be used to monitor and secure just those particular areas of high value.

According to HikVision, one of Premier Security’s approved CCTV suppliers, the extra benefits which come with a comprehensive CCTV surveillance system outweighs the additional costs. This becomes evident with their rapid response to the COVID-19 pandemic with a range of advanced detectors and algorithms underpinning their Fever Screening Thermographic Cameras set to detect elevated body temperatures in moving crowds in just one second, with an accuracy of up to ±0.3°C, and suitable for office buildings, factories, stations, airports and other public places.

No one today can afford to be in the dark,” says Premier Security’s Ruiters. “There is no point in rapid response if you are uninformed about what you are responding to. Offsite CCTV monitoring is literally our eyes in the sky and that’s incredible peace of mind for our customers and their clients.”

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