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What browser are you using?
By browser, I am referring to the thing you are using to read this blog, the internet browser that you are using matters a lot as it records and keeps data on you, from the websites you go to, to the location of your computer.

What is the difference?
64.92% of users use chrome and 15.97% use Safari and 4.33% use firefox. So most of us use Chrome? Is that safe enough though? Is there anything more that we can do to keep our browser data and searching safer?

Well, make sure that your browser is up to date at all times, Chrome auto-updates on Windows, but on mac, you actually need to push the update button so that the new version is installed.

Another thing you can do is to make sure that the sites you visit have an end to end encryption lock on them, this is the small lock that is visible in the search bar at the top left-hand corner of your screen, this means that any passwords or usernames you put in on the website are not readable by anyone other than the company and you.

What else?
Make sure that the websites that you are visiting are reputable, and always check the address of the website before putting in any data, as sometimes fake websites can be constructed to look 100% like the real one, but its actually not the real one, so make sure the Https address is the same one you normally go to.

Ways to avoid this is to not go website hopping, for instance, don’t go onto a blog and click on the link to go to Absa’s website to login to your account, rather search to Absa yourself and login, don’t go through someone else’s link to it.


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