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How to stay safe during the festive season

festive season

Watch the roads during new years

As 2019 comes to an end and the decade wraps up, we must be as always cautious on the roads, as this time of the year has more drunk and inattentive drivers as ever. The amount of accidents in South Africa spikes always during this festive season and now towards the beginning of a new year. So here are a few tips to keeping yourself safe on the roads.

Keep your eyes on the road

This first one is quite simple, always be watching the road, don’t pick up your phone, or check out your makeup, or rather, be shouting at your kids in the back seat. Be attentive to what’s happening around you always. The K53 standard is at most very boring and most drivers forget about it after getting their license, but one thing to take away from it is this, always check your rearview mirror every 8-10 seconds and whenever changing lanes check your blind spots by physically turning your head.

Don’t speed

Most drunk drivers in this season are going to be driving fast or at best trying to stick to their side of the road, so what can you do to combat this? Well, keep your speed below or at the speed limit, rather keep it safe during these end of year times than risk it. As well as that, there are far more speeding cameras out this time of year, so you can save quite a few pennies.

Another smaller tip is this, make sure that if you are not overtaking that you are in the left lane, as drunk drivers are very bad at judging distances, so them racing down the road at high speeds may not see your bumper before it’s too late.


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