Premier Security Guarding

Technology drives our guarding force, providing our clients with the latest equipment to ensure safety, efficiency and compliance.

Communication Technology

Instant Communication

With our quick reaction force in the event of an emergency situation
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Drone Pursuit

(Coming soon)

Drone guard

Our in-house staff are being trained and qualified to fly drones equipped with Flir (Forward Looking Infrared) cameras. This service will assist with the tracking and arrest of criminals operating in the Constantia Valley green belts and Table mountain reserve.
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Visitor Access control


We use identiscan to control who enters your complex. Accurate POPI compliant data. Temperature measurement and recordal thereof for COVID19 purposes as an option.
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patrol supervision

Managed guards

This tool ensures that guards visit the prescribed points consistently and on time.
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Stay Awake

Alert & awake

Our night staff are kept vigilant and awake by use of this product. In the event of non compliance, the control room is alerted automatically.
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