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Community assistance

Taxi checking:

In our country taxis are some of the most road rage-inducing things that are out there, and the earlier this month Premier Security was assisting the Municipal law enforcement department to pull over some of these taxis.

Champagne and lamb shanks:

On Tuesday the 21st of January Premier Security found a wanted vehicle and reported it to the SAPS department in Kirstenhof, They pulled over a taxi and a motor vehicle that contained over R10’000 worth of presumed stolen goods including, high-end champagne, alcohol, legs of lamb and dairy products. They detained 3 persons on the day and this all took place in Zwaanswyk, Southern Suburbs.

The very next day between the hours of 7:00 and 8:00 we assisted 7 law enforcement officers to pull over 15 taxis and issue 5 fines, which came to a total of R9300. So overall it has been a very successful week for Premier Security.


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