It's here, and it's big

With the never before seen apex unit, this monstrosity has over 11 m of height off the ground once extended and can see up to 100 m around it. The tower is fitted with AI-driven cameras to detect anyone at night or day. It has lights to project around it at night to light up the surrounding area. All the footage it captures can be viewed online anywhere in the world.

Rapid deployment

Within a few minutes, the unit can be deployed. The legs or stabilisers are extended and the wheels underneath are dropped. Then the unit lowers itself and the spire is then extended upwards 15 meters.

LIDAR detection

The LiDar unit on top of the system can scan moving targets up to 100 meters of the spire in any direction. This allows for high precision tracking of targets at night especially when the unit is put to the test.

Auto target technology

With the use of the LiDar sensor tracking is made very easy, with our AI tracking software built into our system, the cameras onboard once a target has been located form the LiDar or camera, the cameras will lock on and follow the target.

Autonomous power

The unit itself has 3 solar panels built into it. This allows the unit to recharge its batteries and function without having to be charged. As long as the sun shines, the unit can run without any external power source.

Vandal resistant

The unit is made out of pure steel and is robustly built, with all sides protected by the steel, and even if the solar panels are damaged access to the inside is still not possible, with the back of the panels being lined with more steel.

Remote monitored

The unit itself connects to our Lora network around Cape Town and once positioned the dishes on top will align themselves if the nearest Lora tower and gain internet access for the unit to be controlled by. Logging on to the unit is as easy as visiting a website and logging in, we handle the rest.