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Meet the new Apex predator

Introducing the innovative Apex unit! Standing at a towering 15 meters tall when fully extended, this impressive structure boasts advanced AI-powered cameras that can detect movement day or night, as well as illuminating lights to brighten up the surrounding area at night. Plus, with the ability to view all footage captured online from anywhere in the world.

Rapid deployment

The unit can quickly be deployed by extending its legs or stabilizers and dropping the wheels underneath. It will then lower itself and extend its spire upward to a height of 15 meters.

LiDAR detection

The LiDAR unit on top of the system is capable of scanning and tracking moving targets within a 100-meter radius of the spire in any direction. This feature allows for highly precise tracking, particularly during night-time operations.

Auto target technology

Our advanced LiDAR sensor and AI tracking software make target tracking a breeze. Once a target is identified by the LiDAR or camera, the onboard cameras will lock on and follow it for easy tracking. This system is designed to make target tracking effortless and efficient.

Autonomous power

This unit comes equipped with 3 built-in solar panels, allowing it to power itself and recharge its batteries without the need for an external power source. As long as the sun is shining, the unit can operate seamlessly and efficiently without any additional charging.

Vandal resistant

Constructed with pure steel, this unit is built to be sturdy and durable. All sides are protected by a steel exterior, and even if the solar panels are damaged, access to the inside is still not possible due to the additional layer of steel lining the back of the panels. This unit is designed to be secure and reliable.

Remote monitored

This unit connects to our Lora network in Cape Town and, once positioned, the dishes on top will automatically align with the nearest Lora tower to provide internet access. Controlling the unit is as easy as visiting a website and logging in – we take care of the rest. Simply log on and start using the unit with ease.