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Your Security is our business

Based in the southern suburbs of Cape Town. We have proven to be industry leaders in armed response and protection services.

Armed response

Our primary service is monitoring and response to your alarm


Service In which guards are strategically placed to secure your property

Operational Area

Map illustrating the areas  that Premier security is active.

Security systems

 Premier security will design, install and setup home security systems for you.

CCTV monitoring

Our personal will monitor your cameras and dispatch reaction staff accordingly.

armed response

Armed Response

Following an alarm signal from your premises, we will call you within seconds to verify the alarm activation.

If we cannot get hold of you or if you request we do a check at your premises, we will send one of our SAIDSA approved Armed Response vehicles to your door within minutes.

SAIDSA approved

24/7 response

Dedicated vehicles per suburb

armed response

Security Guarding

Premier security strategically places guards and security facilities near residential and commercial client properties so that they can respond quickly and efficiently.



Security Technology we use

Technology drives our guarding force, providing our clients with the latest equipment
to ensure safety, efficiency and compliance.

Visitor access control


Patrol supervision


Communication technology


Stay awake

Panic button


Autonomous Security to assist with armed response

Electric Fencing

Contact us to get a quote to install and maintain your electric fence.

Operational Area

Armed response in South Africa, Cape Town

Security Systems installation

Service in which we will setup and maintantce several security systems on client properties from alarm systems, electric fences, intercoms and much more.


Installation of garage doors, gates and other automated systems.


Installation of of monitoring systems for monitoring CCTV.

Alarm detection

Installation of Alarm systems including panels, detectors and much more.

Electric fences

Installation of Electric fences.


Installation of intercom systems.

CCTV Monitoring

A dedicated team of personal at premier security monitor all client alarm systems and dispatch personal anon criminal detection. Premier also uses AI powered CCTV monitoring cameras that can identify trespassing personal and alert the monitoring room.

AI assisted Technology

24/7 Monitoring

Fast dispatch